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Circular on Supplementary CAT - Winter 2016-2017

Circular on Summer 2016-17 Semester - Course Registration and Slot Timetable

Win semester feedback link is opened for  BTECH, MS & MCA from 11-april-2017 to 5-may-2017

Win semester feedback link is opened for MBA students from 11-april-2017 to 5-may-2017

Win semester feedback link is opened for law students  from 11-apr-2017 to 5-may-2017

SWE498 - Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

MEE498- Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

EEE498- Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

ECE498- Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

CSE 498- Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

CLE 498- Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

Summer Semester 2016-2017 Wishlist

Circular on Academic Calendar – Summer Semester 2016-17 and Fast Track Fall 2017-18 Semester

Kind Attn Final Year Students Please fill the Communication address and Bank account details  for Caution Deposit Refund. To confirm your account detail kindly submit your front page of the bank pass book to your school secretary before  March 10, 2017. Link is avaialble in  your student login under wintersemester 2016-17

Circular on 12th SET Project Registration

Circular  on Comprehensive Examination - Winter 2016-2017

Circular on the commencement of Fall 2017-2018 semester Chennai

Winter Semester 2016-17 - Course Add/Drop (Tri -Sem III & VI) Link

MBA Registration Circular Winter 2016-17


Circular for Winter 2016-17 CAT I and CAT II

Circular on Dates for Assignment  and Reviews

Circular on Industrial Internship Evaluation Winter 2016-2017

Circular on Academic Calendar and Slot Timetable  for Winter 2016-17 Weekend Intrasession

Winter 2016-17 Weekend Intrasemester (WWI) Registration Link

Winter 2016-17 Weekend Intrasemester (WWI) Wishist Link

Circular on Winter 2016-2017 Weekend Intrasemester (WWI) for Students

Circular on Winter 2016-2017 Weekend Intrasemester (WWI) for Faculty



CHI1001-chinese langauage tentatively will be offerd.Walisted students for GER1001 can register to CHI1001.Registration will be confirmed on 9-Jan-2017.

Attention NON-CAL STUDENTS- CHI101 has been offered and you can register now. registration will be confirmed on 09-Jan-2017.

Circular on Winter Sem 2016-2017 Course registrations

Circular on Programme Migration option to B.Tech. students

CAT for students undergoing internships 

User manual on Mark entry FFCS

VIT e-mail Id and Moodle  user name and password was updated in First Year Student's login under "My Default Password" Menu

Student Feedback  -  WIN SEM2015~16 Semester

MBA -Trisem 2015-16 -Student Feedback

Controller of Examinations Research
(for Ph.D. / M.S. by Research / M.Phil. Scholars)
CoE Spotlight
Regular Arrear Registration Link - Winsem2016-2017

“FAT Seating arrangements : for “Winter Weekend Intrasession 2016-2017 (WWI) – April / May  2017"

“Registration and Fees Payment for: FAT as Arrear and Regular ArrearMay / June 2017”.

"Important Instructions to Students for FAT”.

Slot -wise FAT Schedule for MBATrimester (III&VI) / Re-registration – May2017”.

“Winter Weekend Intrasession 2016-2017 (WWI) -  FAT Schedule”.

“Important Instruction to be followed by students for all FATs ”

“Winter 2016-2017 Semester – Slot-Wise FAT Schedule”

Research Spotlight

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